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Evolutions 2009 Customer Conference - Sessions

A. & E. << Sessions Full >> Hands-On: I didn’t know MAS could do that!
Have you been using MAS 90 for a while? Chances are there’s some functionality in the system that you’re not even aware of, or that you’ve forgotten since that long-ago training, that could save you time & effort. This session will cover a number of often-overlooked functions, tricks, and shortcuts to help make your job easier.

B. & F. << Sessions Full >> Hands-On: Working with your MAS data in Microsoft Excel
This topic is a perennial favorite with our attendees! From item transactions to financial reports, many of us need to work with our accounting data in spreadsheets every day. If you’re spreadsheet-addicted, come and look at all the great tools in MAS 90 to help you export your data in just the format you need.

C. Identify problems before they start costing you money (or customers!) with KnowledgeSync
Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring on a real-time basis, but who has the time? Let KnowledgeSync do the work for you, and notify the appropriate person (or persons) immediately via email. In addition, KnowledgeSync can also automate the production and delivery of reports and documents to the right people, at the right time. Never again will you need to say, “If only we had known.”

D. Mine your MAS data with DataSelf BI
Your MAS 90 system is a veritable warehouse of information about your customers, products, suppliers and financial results. The tool you need to mine this data is DataSelf BI. This solution converts your raw data into actionable knowledge and gives you easy-to-use tools to slice and dice the information however you want. With over 500 pre-existing reports, views and Key Performance Indicators right out of the box, most (if not all) of your reporting and information needs are met without any help from IT or outside consultants. See how easy it is to generate your own reports, graphs, charts, dashboards, literally in seconds, not the hours it takes to create a Crystal Report. Get the data you need, when you need and how you need, without having to pay the experts.

G. Increase sales and retain existing customers by providing better customer service with SageCRM
These days, you need to capitalize on every opportunity, every advantage. Not only does SageCRM give you top-notch Customer Relationship tools, but its seamless integration with MAS 90 gives you a real edge because information seamlessly flows within your business. Learn how you can give your sales and customer support teams access to Real-Time Pricing, Inventory Availability, and Order Status and help your company perform to its full potential.

H. Improve your cash flow using existing MAS tools and Credit Card Processing
Today, it is more important than ever to stay on top of your Accounts Receivable. Using all the tools of the new Sage Extended Enterprise Suite, we will show you a real-life example of how you could be using your MAS 90 system to speed up the payment cycle from customers, and prevent problem accounts before they lead to bad debt. See how MAS can help you find the problem customers with Business Insights Explorer, manage and automate your collection efforts with Paperless Office, Custom Office and SageCRM, and finally give your customers more options to pay, using integrated Credit Card Processing with Sage Payment Services.

I. Don’t get left behind – an introduction to social computing for business
Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, RSS, and so on – what’s it all about? Not just for the youngsters and the hopelessly tech-addicted, social computing has become a driving force for many successful businesses from the local ice cream stand to Coca-Cola and IBM. Learn what your competitors are doing now and how you can get started.

J. Cut costs with shipping automation and bar-coding
If you are a distributor or manufacturer and ship products to customers, this is an area that is ripe for cost savings. By using the automated Shipping Data Entry functions built into your MAS 90 Sales Order module, you can save hours of personnel time by eliminating the double entry of information into your shipping software (FedEx, UPS, etc) and into Invoice Data Entry. And by introducing bar-code scanners you can significantly reduce the cost of mis-shipments and over-shipments and improve customer loyalty by getting orders out faster and more accurately.

X. Experts’ Exchange
This special, by-invitation-only session will provide a forum for top-level users of MAS to share stories of their successes, pick each others’ brains, and exchange useful tips for getting the most out of your MAS system.